New Marine Institute Base in Holyrood

Lay Summary 

The Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency (ACOA), on behalf of the Government of Canada, gave more than $1 million to the Marine Institute of Memorial University of Newfoundland for the establishment of a world class marine base located in Holyrood. The base will allow for the expansion of marine research and training to answer the call for an ongoing demand in the competitive ocean technology sector.

The centre will also support community development within Holyrood, enhance community infrastructure and training in the community and surrounding areas as well. Also, ocean technology companies will be able to access the resources they need to develop new and innovative products.

In addition to the research and training in the ocean technology sector and accessibility for ocean technology companies, the centre will also support efforts and research in marine environmental studies, marine ecotourism, and diving and oil spill response. It further adds to the capacity of the range and scope of all that the Marine Institute offers in the marine sector.

Built on the site of a former fish processing facility, the centre serves as a base for research vessels, remotely operated vehicles and autonomous underwater vehicles (ROV and AUVs), labs for biological and applied fisheries research; and labs to support multi-disciplinary studies for the ocean sector. The Marine Base is equipped to house visiting faculty/researchers and provides seminar facilities and classrooms for education and training. Phase 1 was completed in 2010.

School of Ocean Technology
School of Fisheries
School of Maritime Studies
Faculty of Engineering & Applied Science
Conception Bay
Newfoundland and Labrador
Fishery Technology
Ocean Observation
Autonomous Vehicles
International Collaboration
Industry Sectors 
Fishing, Hunting and Trapping
Scientific Research and Development Services
Start date 
1 Jan 2010