Early Settlers of Bay St. George

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This two volume series presents a history of the exploration and settlement of Bay St. George. The first volume profiles the pioneer families and early communities of the inner bay from Fischells to Kippens. The second volume profiles the pioneer families and early communities of the outer bay from Heatherton to Highlands.

For most of the early settlement period, the west coast of Newfoundland was part of the French Treaty Shore. It was visited every summer by large numbers of migratory fishermen from France and the islands of St. Pierre and Miquelon. A number of these men deserted from the fishery over the years and married into the local settler population. During the Treaty Shore period, Newfoundland’s government was prevented from developing the west coast. As long as the area remained part of the Treaty Shore, the settlers continued to be deprived of rights, freedoms and services enjoyed by settlers elsewhere on the island. Despite the many hardships faced by the pioneer settlers, and the almost complete absence of public officials to maintain law and order, a spirit of harmony and cooperation prevailed and a thriving region began to grow up. These volumes offer a glimpse into the lives of the early pioneers of Bay St. George and the communities they founded.

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1 Jan 2007