The Newfoundland and Labrador House of Assembly

Lay Summary 

The purpose of this paper is to describe and analyze the Newfoundland and Labrador legislature in an uncomplicated manner to develop readers’ comprehension of the institution. It aims to increase public awareness of the House of Assembly’s procedural functions and provides the basis for a comparative analysis with other legislatures being reviewed as part of the Canadian Study of Parliament Group’s (CSPG) Studies of Provincial and Territorial Legislatures. This essay seeks primarily to document the institution of the House of Assembly, with an emphasis on it as of 2009 under the Progressive Conservative administration led by Premier Danny Williams. It is organized by reviewing the history of the legislature; the socio-demographics of MHAs; the resources of MHAs and party caucuses; and the relationship between government and opposition. This includes the role of the speaker, legislative committees, the procedure for bills, and the difficulties for mounting an effective opposition amidst lopsided majority governments.

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1 Jan 2009