Stability E-Simulator for Fishing Vessels

Lay Summary 

The Canadian Council of Professional Fish Harvesters (CCPFH), in collaboration with the Fisheries and Marine Institute, is developing an electronic interactive simulator for fishing vessel stability. The aim of the project will be the production of a distance education program, produced in both English and French, using multimedia materials and electronic simulations of vessel operations and fishing activities in different fleets in various regions of Canada.

This program is oriented to operators of fishing vessels less than 65 feet long, especially those less than 45 feet. The e-simulator will consist of a DVD and student handbook allowing students to work through the program at their own pace on their home computers.

The e-simulator will provide those working in the industry with a good understanding of basic stability concepts and will prepare them for further training in the future. It will be accessible to fish harvesters across Canada.
One of the major components is the development of the fishing vessel stability interactive display. It is essential that vessel operators have a good understanding of the relationships that exist between the vessel’s shape, builder’s plans, and how various hull shapes operate in a marine environment. The interactive display will be simple, user friendly and directed specifically towards an audience learning basic theory and applications of stability. It will include video clips, flash animations, diagrams, interactive simulation, narration, and gaming scenarios, providing a rich learning resource that will give fishers the opportunity to interact with the material.

There are a number of vessel characteristics that will be contained and expressed through the simulations including length, breadth, draft and displacement, fishing gear arrangements, and ancillary equipment. Critical elements also comprise activities such as ballast operations, loading water or ice, transferring or lifting, trawling, dragging, etc. The simulator will use a set of equations calculated in real-time to demonstrate stability concepts in a physically accurate and represented in a graphical manner, allowing the user to make decisions, set activities and see results in real time.

School of Fisheries
National Search And Rescue Secretariat New Initiatives Fund
Government Of Newfoundland And Labrador
Newfoundland And Labrador Professional Fish Harvesters Certification Board
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Fishing, Hunting and Trapping
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Start date 
1 Jan 2009
End date 
31 Dec 2011