Fishing Vessel Stability Simulator

Lay Summary 

This project arises from a proposal to develop a Distance Education Program on Electronic Simulation for Stability Management on inshore fishing vessels. The project is a joint effort between the Canadian Council of Professional Fish Harvesters (CCPFH) and the Fisheries and Marine Institute (MI) of Memorial University. Its goal is to develop tools to enhance training on vessel stability. The ultimate goal is to help decrease the number of fishing-vessel incidents caused by stability problems throughout Canada.

The Fishing Vessel Stability Simulator is designed for fish harvesters from all areas of Canada including both fresh and saltwater fisheries, East and West Coast, English and French as well as the aboriginal fishing communities. Particular attention to the varying cultural, regional and industrial characteristics will be required to ensure regional representation and acceptance.The primary target audience would be an active fish harvester. The user will have varying levels of experience in fish harvesting. Divided into six easy-to-follow modules, the Fishing Vessel Stability Simulator program covers stability concepts as outlined in Transport Canada’s requirements for the Fishing Master IV certificate.

Modules 1-5 are presented as a series of short video lessons and or animations followed by interactive exercises / simulations, which provide the user with an opportunity to explore the concepts presented.

Module 6 provides an opportunity for the user to apply the knowledge that they have learned to real life scenarios. A 3D simulation engine allows the user to load gear, freshwater, fuel, ice, and fish as they move through the various conditions of load during simulated fishing trips to understand how these operations affect a vessel’s stability.

Canadian Centre for Fisheries Innovation
School of Fisheries
Centre for Fisheries Ecosystems Research
Canadian Council Of Professional Fish Harvesters (CCPFH), RDC, DFA, Search And Rescue New Initiatives Fund (SAR-NIF), CCFI
St. John's
Newfoundland and Labrador
Safety training
Vessels and Equipment
Vessels and Equipment
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Fishing, Hunting and Trapping
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Start date 
1 Jan 2010
End date 
31 Dec 2012