The Placentia Institute of Newfoundland Studies

Lay Summary 

The community of Placentia is rich in cultural heritage. As the French capital of Newfoundland in the l7th Century, the area is replete with archaeological and historical resources. lt is also home to a vibrant cultural community, renowned for its storytelling, poetry, music, visual arts, etc. This presentation will address the unique partnership between Memorial University and the Town of Placentia, which will see the cultural resources of Placentia Bay preserved and promoted with the assistance of faculty, staff and students and the University.

At the initiative of the Town of Placentia, this partnership aims to mobilize the local cultural resources of Placentia Bay in Newfoundland (artists, tradition bearers, tourism operators, art galleries. etc.) and put them in contact with faculty, staff and students Memorial University (archaeologists, historians, folklorists, IT researchers, etc. One of the projects currently being developed is a mobile phone application which would make available to visitors all the tourism and cultural attractions of the area. This project will require not only the expert advice of university researchers to develop a geography-sensitive database, but also the dedicated contribution of the entire community to populate the database.

North Atlantic Forum 2011: Culture Place and Identity at the Heart of Regional Development

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1 Jan 2011