Religion and Diversity in Newfoundland and Labrador

Lay Summary 

This project has two parts: the first is online support for grade twelve students taking a World Religions course. The site features links and streaming video alongside course material to bring to life the traditions the students are studying in a lively and engaging way. It includes two appendixes; Appendix A, Religion and Ethics, provides links to sites with additional information on these topics; Appendix B provides links to sections from Derek Norman’s documentary, Religions on the Rock (2009), with narratives from the Hindu, Muslim and Sikh communities in St. John’s.

The second part is titled Exploring Diversity in Our Community. It aims to provide a perspective on the many different religious and cultural communities in St. John’s, with a longer term intention of expanding to the entire province. This site also has links to Derek Norman's documentary, Religions on the Rock (2009) and news items on religion from the province.



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Newfoundland And Labrador Department Of Education And Office Of Immigration And Multiculturalism (Department Of Advanced Education And Skills)
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1 Jan 2011