Canadian Provincial Policies and Programs for Women in Leadership

Lay Summary 

According to Equal Voice (2011), women represent 52% of Canada’s population but only make up an average of 21% of Canada’s municipal councils, provincial legislatures and the House of Commons. The Federation of Canadian Municipalities is committed to ensuring the number of women in municipal government increases by using the minimal percentage of 30 percent of women in municipal government as recommended by The United Nations.

This report examines International, Canadian, and provincial/territorial policies for women in municipal leadership. A jurisdictional scan component of this research compares Newfoundland and Labrador to Prince Edward Island, British Columbia, the Northwest Territories and the Yukon to the 30 percent mark to note successful and unsuccessful attempts to encourage women into municipal leadership. Recommendations are made at the end of the report to showcase successful programs and policies and give ideas for mobilization of knowledge purposes for all of the provinces. The goal of the research is to showcase the work of the provinces/territories and create a dialogue of what provinces/territories can do for future campaigns to encourage women to run for municipal government.


The Leslie Harris Centre of Regional Policy and Development
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Newfoundland and Labrador
Municipal government
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1 Jan 2012