Harris Centre Regional Workshop - Marystown

Lay Summary 

Regional Workshops offer the opportunity for Memorial University faculty, staff and students to meet with regional stakeholders, in order to discuss topics of mutual interest. The purpose of a Regional Workshop is to explore ways of creating sustainable social and economic regions, and to identify possible future opportunities for research, teaching and outreach.

This workshop had two goals: promote Memorial University as a resource for regional policy and development throughout the province; and stimulate discussion to generate future opportunities for collaboration in the areas of research, teaching and outreach within the region, between Memorial University and community stakeholders.

The Harris Centre Memorial Presents/Regional Workshop was held November 28, 2012. The planning partner was the Schooner Regional Development Corporation.

The Memorial Presents consisted of a two hour public form on the topic of regionalizing public services and economic development in rural Newfoundland and Labrador. Ryan Gibson, PhD Candidate with Memorial’s Department of Geography made a presentation titled “Is there life beyond zone boards?”
Panelists included Irene Hurley, chair of the Heritage Run Tourism Association (HRTA) and the Burin Peninsula Arts Council; and Robert Keenan, community cooperation and development officer with Municipalities Newfoundland and Labrador (MNL).

The ‘Regional Workshop’ was held on Wednesday, November 28, 2012, from 8:00am to 4:00pm at the Marystown Hotel in Marystown. Fifty-three people attended the workshop and Memorial Presents. The attendees included 18 faculty, students and staff from Memorial University, and 35 from community-based and non-profit organizations, educational institutions, municipalities, businesses and business organizations, media, and provincial government departments.

In the morning, there was an introduction to several Memorial services and departments. Presentations were given by Mike Clair, Associate Director of Public Policy with the Harris Centre; Peter Rans, Director of Co-operative Education at Memorial University; and Bojan Fürst, Manager of Knowledge Mobilization with the Harris Centre. The group also learned more about Zone 16 through a presentation by Ellen Picco with the Schooner Regional Development Corporation. Jamie Ward, with Memorial University, also reported on the region’s demographics.
The morning and afternoon sessions were divided thematically into: (1) Business and labour market development, (2) Tourism, (3) Volunteerism, and (4) Health and wellness. These themes were determined by the planning committee in consultation with regional partners prior to the workshop.
A total of 30 follow-up opportunities were identified at the workshop: Business and labour market development – 9; Tourism – 11; Volunteerism – 4; Health and wellness – 6. Those opportunities are listed in section 6.0 of the report, and the Harris Centre will follow-up on them. These opportunities will be circulated to the appropriate faculty, staff and students throughout Memorial University with the Harris Centre facilitating and tracking results. These will be developed into one-page opportunities which will be available through Yaffle at [url]www.Yaffle.ca.[/url]

A report on this workshop is available at:

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Community Capacity Building Program, Innovation, Business And Rural Development NL
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1 Jan 2012