An Environmental Scan of Factors Relevant for Sustainable Food Production in NL

Lay Summary 

The goal of this environmental scan was to gather information about socio-economic conditions and suitable growing technologies that can help create a food production strategy adapted to NL. MUN Botanical Garden, in partnership with researchers from the Division of Community Health and Humanities, requested this initial scan in order to inform future projects that aim to increase local food production in the province. There were two aspects of this environmental scan. The first was a review of socio-economic factors which impact local food production. This review of socio-economic factors includes available statistics on cost of production and market fluctuation, relevant reports of food preferences of Newfoundlanders and Labradoreans and a handful of interviews with local food producers and marketers. The second part of the scan was a review of technologies and innovations that might help maintain environmentally and economically sustainable food production in NL. There is a focus on renewable technologies, season extension technologies and alternative marketing strategies.

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