Enabling a Wildlife-Roadway Collision Warning and Mitigation System using Wireless Sensor Networking Technologies

Lay Summary 

With the development of regional economic and transportation systems, more and more people in the world depend on vehicles for transportation. At the same time, many highway systems are built across the habitat of the wild animals, so people’s lives and property are threatened by traffic accidents caused by wild animals. As a result, wild animal detection and notification system have drawn much attention in the research community of wireless sensor networks.

As far as we know, all previous built wild animal detection and notification systems have two disadvantages: one is the detecting sensors in these systems usually just equip a single sensing technique, so the robustness of the sensor is unreliable; the other problem with previous systems is they usually depend on additional equipment on vehicles to receive the notification of approaching animals.

In the paper, we proposed a new hierarchical wild animal detection and notification system based on a wireless sensor network, which is more reliable to sensors in atrocious weather and does not require users to have additional devices on their vehicles.

Faculty of Engineering & Applied Science
The Applied Research Fund 2011-2012 &#150
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Newfoundland and Labrador
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1 Jan 2012
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31 Dec 2013