Empowering a community to tackle youth mental health and addictions challenges.

Lay Summary 

Using a community-based participatory research model, researchers in a small urban community have been working with the local community board to conduct exploratory research around youth mental health and wellness. They have actively engaged the people of the community in all stages of their research, and held a community forum to disseminate their research findings and solicit direction on how to move forward with the development of a community-based youth wellness program.

The public community event began with a presentation of the most relevant findings of their focus group research. This was followed by breakout sessions, each related to various findings that emerged from the research results. Groups focused on solutions to the issues identified, including access to services, how to keep the youth healthy, and how to build on the community’s own resources. The information gathered will be compiled and used to frame future community-based program/services for youth wellness.

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