St. John's Many Voices: An Exhibition Showcasing Cultural Diversity

Lay Summary 

This initial phase of the project was a day-long planning meeting with potential stakeholders about the creation of one or more cultural diversity exhibitions. The following general guidelines were agreed upon: An exhibit should emphasize meeting/exchanging/participating rather than observing/spectating, perhaps using “Neighbours” as an overall framework. Exhibits could give priority to questions such as: “How do you belong in this place? What does home feel like?” “How do cultures change through interaction?”

The project(s) should address different kinds of cultural connections and alliances, including intergenerational, as well as ethnic diversity and emphasize lived culture not displayed culture. The group decided to proceed with several exhibits, each created by a different team of collaborators, on different themes, and using different media. The exhibits should have a unified design. Themes that emerged as important ones include: “Restorying the Land/Sea,” and “Intergenerational Stories.” Funding will be sought for project development over the next year.

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The Leslie Harris Centre of Regional Policy and Development
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Start date 
19 Jun 2014