Connect!: Interactive High-Quality Real-Time Audio Streaming on Mobile Devices for Musicians

Lay Summary 

For years, music students and musicians have been limited by the lack of high quality 
audio streaming software. Connect! aims to lift this limitation by providing an 
interactive high-quality real-time audio streaming. Our goal is to achieve much better 
audio quality compared to some other existing applications such as Skype. In addition, 
Connect! incorporates additional tools designed specifically to assist music students, 
musicians, conductors and music teachers. For instance, audio visualization is one of 
our primary tools, which permits the users to visually see the sent and received audio 
on a graphical plot. This feature allows professional users such as music professors 
and/or conductors to assess their students' performances more accurately over the 
Internet. Although this application is developed with them in mind, it is not limited to 
their use. Anyone with a compatible iOS device and a decent Internet connection will 
be able to use this app to connect to anyone around the world and start transmitting 
the two-way high-quality real-time audio.

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Start date 
1 Jan 2014