Remembering Hus: Cultural Memory & Symbolic Capital

Lay Summary 

The goal of our research project is the reconstruction and explanation of social processes and cultural meanings in the commemoration of Jan Hus. Our comparative research design aims to provide insights into local and national differences in cultural memory and test and develop different theories of performativity, iconicity and cultural memory. 

Mobilizing its historic and cultural resources, the city of Konstanz, in parternship with various organizations, launched, on the occasion of the 600th anniversary of the Council of Constant (Konziljubilaum), a multi-year long jubilee (2014-2018), comprised of museum and art exhibits, music and theatre performances, worship services, and guided tours. The jubilee is branded as "Europa zum Gast" ("Europe visits") and each year's event are built around a particular figure and theme. The year 2015, themed as "The Year of Justice" takes as focus the figure of Jan Hus.

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1 Jun 2015
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31 May 2017