Religious Coexistence in Early Modern France (Book Project for Academic Press)

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This project is a long-term, in-depth investigation of Protestant-Catholic relations and the potential for compromise (or accommodation) between members of the two denominations during the French Wars of Religion. It spans the time period between the early 1560s to 1640 and is focused on the provincial town of Loudun after a long period of religious conflict.

Research methods for this project involve detailed studies of parish register and notarial records and other archival investigations. I collected information from these archival finds throughout Europe and Canada, compiling and analysing the material using database technology to better understand family networks and behaviours during this time period. For example, marriage contracts, estate settlements, commercial contracts and records of baptisms, marriages, and burial all provide critical details about Loudun’s families: their denomination, their socio-economic position, and their relations with members of their own religious community and those of the opposite faith.  Analysis of these documents has revealed that there were instances of accommodation between members of the two faiths during this time and that economic necessity was often a driver for compromise.

 With several articles and conference papers presenting the various stages of this project already published, a full-length book manuscript covering Protestant-Catholic relations in Loudun is currently in process.

Other projects related to this research include the study of an anonymous Protestant refugee author who took refuge in Amsterdam.  There, he published a book in defense of a Catholic priest whose trial in Loudun for witchcraft contributed to the demise of the witch hunts in France.

This is related to further investigation into the Protestant refugee experience in Amsterdam, a city that became a safe haven for many religious minorities, including those suffering Catholic persecution in France. This study will be published in a forthcoming festschrift for a senior professor in the field of the history of French Protestantism.

Select Publications Include:

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