Think Planet. Live Local: How Do You Fit In?

Lay Summary 

The "Think planet. Live local ~ How Do You fit in?" project is an ongoing initiative by in collaboration with Dr. Sean McGrath from the Department of Philosophy. There were two components to this initiative: an outreach initiative at the Earth Day Fair and a "How Do You Fit In?" video.

On April 17th 2016 the "Think Planet. Live Local ~ How Do You Fit In?" initiative was launched at the Suncor Fluvarium's 7th Annual Earth Day Fair. The initiative raised awareness of the place and the role of an individual by encouraging participants to reflect on the environment and their individual actions, share their ideas, and take action.

The "How Do You Fit In?" exhibit was interactive and asked visitors to think, plant a tree, write and share their ideas. It featured a large canvas sign with the title: "How Do You Fit In?" and invited participants to record their ideas on their good habits, and how they fit it. Visitors were invited to share their views in the "How Do You Fit In?" video. We also gave out spruce seedlings (with planting instructions) so that people could take action at homes. The exhibit also featured examples of past projects by the, a sampling of products from local businesses, and a preview of new initiative, Guide to the Good.

At the end of the day had given away about 120 spruce seedlings, there were 19 different messages from participants in 3 different languages (English, Spanish and Korean), ten people were part of the video, and we made new friends and connections.

The "How Do You Fit In?" video featured a compilation of reflections of participants at the Earth Day Fair. Participants from different ages, backgrounds and professions were eager to engage and participate. The ideas ranged widely from swapping cars for bicycles, to community cleanups, recycling electronics, compostable warms, urban gardening, to reusable bags, to fixing old cars, fixing old houses to consume less.

At the end of the video Dr. Sean McGrath provided a reflection and theoretical interpretation, from a philosophical and environmental ethics perspective, on the importance of organized collective action to achieve the common good for the benefit of the environment and the community. The video was widely promoted on the site, and also through social media (Facebook, twitter, YouTube) in order to foster dialogue and engagement with current and future generations to come.

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1 Apr 2016
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31 May 2016
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