Exploring the Seafloor: Live Interactive Broadcast from a Research Vessel in the South Pacific to the Johnson Geo Centre

Lay Summary 

Dr. Jamieson was a co-principal investigator on an international research cruise to explore underwater volcanoes in the Southwest Pacific Ocean. The expedition was on the R/V Falkor, operated by the Schmidt Ocean Institute (USA). The goals of the research cruise were to investigate hydrothermal processes within the 1,300 m deep Niua Volcano (Tonga) and test new deep sea exploration technology. The ship left port
(Suva, Fiji) on March 20th. On March 29th, a live broadcast event occurred, via satellite, from the ship to the Johnson Geo Centre. This broadcast included a live video feed from a remotely-operated vehicle on the seafloor and an two-way interactive video/audio feed from the ship, where Jamieson and others discussed the science being done, marine exploration in general and life aboard a research ship, and answered questions from the audience. The event was aimed at Junior High and High School students, but was open to the general public. The event was coordinated
by the Ocean Learning Partnership (http://olp.oceansnl.net/), who organized advertising, venue and technical logistics. The event was hosted by faculty members from Earth Sciences and Marine Engineering. Several local marine exploration technology companies involved in this type of research activities (Fugro GeoSurveys, Kraken Sonar Systems Inc., and SULIS Subsea Corp.) also participated by bringing some of their deep marine equipment to the event to provide hands-on experiences for the audience and talk more about the technology being used on the ship, and how companies in Newfoundland are leading the development of deep marine technology.

The event was featured on the Daily Planet (Discovery Channel): http://www.discovery.ca/Video?vid=840768

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29 Mar 2016