The Singing Network

Lay Summary 

The Singing Network was established in September 2014 at Memorial University by professors Ki Adams and Dr. Andrea Rose along with a steering committee of MUN faculty members in music, education and ethnomusicology: Drs. Kati Szego, Jane Gosine, Jane Leibel, Caroline Schiller, Jakob Martinec, Chris Tonelli, with MUN student assistants Sheila Aucoin and Genevieve Mullaly. This committee reflects the multi-disciplinary focus of the projects created by The Singing Network. While the steering committee is Memorial University-based, there exists also both a local-provincial and international Circle of Advisors.

The Singing Network is the starting point for creating and building a MUN-provincial-national-international network of individuals and organizations interested in singing and song: scholars, performing artists, educators, students, as well as professional and community-based musicians, organizations and associations. The network generates and produces a series of voice-singing-choral events ranging from workshops, seminars, master-classes, performances, dialogues, the formation of new ensembles, and a biennial International Symposium on Singing and Song. Several projects have been completed successfully to date, including an Extended Voice Workshop Series, ChoirFest SING! and the international symposium.

The projects of The Singing Network are designed to engage participants through research, practice, and education within varied singing-choral contexts and with a variety of disciplines and participants. The Singing Network is committed to working in partnership with all communities to help participants realize the potential of singing together, facilitating projects that not only encourage music-making within the university community, but also within St. John's and the province as a whole. For example:

Professional development: Provide workshop and clinic opportunities for choral conductors, particularly those working with community choirs, to support the development of excellent choral singing both in Newfoundland and Labrador and beyond. The enhancement of professional skills among choral conductors will serve to strengthen the musicianship and vocal knowledge of their choristers.

Education & Innovation: Create and design programs to develop a greater knowledge and understanding about the voice and explore new and innovative ways to sing alone and with others. The Singing Network will foster new research and ways of engaging with local-international experts fields related to singing and song.

Community Development: Explore the relationship between singing and well-being, and support singing in schools and in other community contexts (e.g., health and well being; social justice). The Singing Network will encourage community development on all levels: within the K-12 system, university, urban to rural, young to old.

Partnerships: Develop partnerships and collaborations with local singers and community choirs in addition to varied local, provincial and federal organizations with shared goals and a commitment to community choral music-making.

The Singing Network projects reflect ongoing theories and practices stemming from several research disciplines in music, education, ethnomusicology, health and well-being, community practice and social justice. As much as possible, research and theory are fused in contexts such as creating and/or presenting at or attending international academic conferences and symposia, delivering research-practice based seminars, workshops and master classes, and participating in new and innovative research and practices related to singing (e.g., exploring extended voice techniques workshop). The basis for The Singing Network projects relies and builds upon current research of its project leaders, invited clinicians, and performers/ conductors and disseminates knowledge and new ideas through the types of projects that will engage a wide range of participants and organizations through MUN-local-international partnerships and collaborations.

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