Listen, Move, Make

Lay Summary 

Starting in the summer of 2010 Listen, Move, Make, is a youth arts program developed by Gros Morne Summer Music and the Grenfell Campus Art Gallery. It combines music, dance, and visual art in a free weekly program for elementary school-aged youth at Grenfell Campus Gallery through 5 weeks of the summer season. Youth participants are encouraged to be creators themselves, not just passive observers of art. Learning is encouraged through play and creative exploration. Activities included instrument, soundscape composition, masks and character creation, painting and collaging, set-building, dance creating, mini-concerts and more. Over the course of the five weeks the students’ work, and recordings of their work, are compiled into an exhibit at the Grenfell Campus Gallery for public viewing.


This program not only supports arts education, but creation and presentation by youth. It encourages youth to work like “real” artists, and encourages them to work collaboratively and without the confines of disciplinary boundaries in their creations. For example, during one session participants created an underwater scene complete with sets, costumes, characters, movement phrases, and unique soundscapes – a holistic creation.

A program like this also brings families together to create. During many sessions parents participate along with youth and also got the opportunity to stretch their creative muscles. Many participants returned week after week and again after the program had finished to see their work displayed in the Gallery and share this with family and friends.

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1 Jul 2010