Book Launch: St. Michael’s Printmaking on The Edge: Forty Years at St. Michael’s

Lay Summary 

This event celebrated and launched an outstanding new book showcasing printers Don Wright, Anne Meredith Barry, John Hartman, Jan Winton, Otis Tamasauskas, Tom Hammick, Mary Pratt, Christopher Pratt, Doris McCarthy, Don Holman, Doug Biden, Alexandra Haeseker, Gary Olsen, Paul Béliveau, Mark Bovey… and dozens more

Curated and Written by Kevin Major

Representatives from Grenfell Campus, St. Michael’s Printshop, and the book creator spoke and highlighted the longstanding relationship between Grenfell Campus and St. Michael’s Printshop. Kevin Major spoke with English students in Shoshannah Ganz’ class and April White and Michael Connolly went into printmaking classes.

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23 Jan 2016