Life of Stories, The Stories of Lives: Fourth Forum on Aboriginal Identity

Lay Summary 

In conjunction with the exhibition, North and the film series, Canada’s Reel North, the Grenfell Campus Gallery and the Department of Social/Cultural Studies hosted a forum on storytelling and indigenous identity. This was the fourth in a series of forums that has that looked the relationship between creativity and Aboriginal identity. This event was held in the format of a sharing circle. As in our past three forums, elders and artists in the Aboriginal community were invited to give a brief statement about the theme and their lived experience.

Participants include: artists, Jerry Evans (Mi’kmaq), Shirley Moorhouse (Inuk), and Stan Hill Jr (Mohawk).; and elders, Anne Hart, Mi’kmaw Elder/Program Co-ordinator, Southwestern Coalition to End Violence; Calvin White, Elder,Founder and former FNI President, former Chief, Flat Bay, Newfoundland; Chief Bill Myers, Mi’kmaw Elder, Castor’s River, Newfoundland; Odelle Pike, Mi’kmaw Elder, NAWN (Newfoundland Aboriginal Women’s Network).

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22 Nov 2014