Building Culture, Building Resilience, Building Capacity: Preserving Rural and Cultural Ways of Knowing

Lay Summary 

Asking “How do resilient communities build culture?” this project will improve our understanding of how libraries, communities, and citizens can pursue resilience through co-creation of cultural continuity and identity. This two-year qualitative study explores how four international enterprises defied the odds to build resilience in their remote and/or rural communities through intangible cultural heritage (ICH) projects. Using interviews, environmental scanning and visual methods, I want to understand how champions and residents uncovered and mobilized the resources within their own communities to create unique ICH programming based on local lived experiences, how efforts resulted in sustainable and measurably positive outcomes for the community and participants, and how libraries and information professions can participate in, facilitate, enhance and promote the process.

Applied for SSHRC IDG
Fogo Island
Newfoundland and Labrador
British Columbia
South Carolina
Community Development
Rural Development
Industry Sectors 
Other Information Services
Start date 
1 Jul 2017
Lead Organization 
University of Alberta