World Oceans Day- Our Oceans, Our Future

Lay Summary 

This year’s event was hosted again in collaboration with the Oceans Learning Partnership (OLP), a nonprofit corporate entity formed to address the lack of resources and opportunities for the youth of the province as it relates to oceans, the Fishing for success in Petty Harbour, the Town of Middle Cove, Outer Cove and Logy Bay, the Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO), the
Marine Institute and other partner organizations and volunteers.The aim of this year’s event was to have school groups from the surrounding communities (i.e. St. Francis of Assisi and Vanier Elementary) participate in the activities as it related to the school's learning outcomes. Activities included a beach clean-up, getting up-close and learning about local marine life through a interactive touch tank and fish viewing containers, learning about invasive species from DFO, hands-on activities provided by Fishing for Success and interacting with researchers, staff and students, scientific divers, and representatives from out partner organizations to learn about the importance of the ocean in our own backyard, about our impacts on our oceans, and ways for us to protect this wondering and fascinating resource.

Ocean Sciences
Marine Institute Campus
Quick Start Fund For Public Engagement
Logy Bay
Middle Cove
Outer Cove
Newfoundland and Labrador
Ocean Sciences
Start date 
8 Jun 2017
End date 
8 Jun 2017
Partner Organization 
Fishing for succes
Town of Middle Cove, Outer Cove and Logy Bay
Department of Fisheries and Oceans
Oceans Learning Partnership