It takes a village: Working together to support the challenges for breastfeeding families living with tongue-tie

Lay Summary 

A public engagement forum on the topic of tongue tie and its potential impacts on breastfeeding was held on the evening of September 28, 2016 at the Suncor Energy Fluvarium in St. John’s. Planning for this event was the result of ongoing work and collaboration between researchers at Memorial University, the Baby-Friendly Council of Newfoundland and Labrador (NL), and the Perinatal Program of NL (PPNL). The event brought together breastfeeding parents and other community members, healthcare professionals, policy makers, and researchers from Memorial University. Parents had the opportunity to share their experiences breastfeeding a baby with tongue tie, as well as their encounters with the healthcare system. Approximately 55 attendees heard from a panel of local, national, and international experts (pediatrician, family physician, dentist, lactation consultant) who have cared for infants with tongue tie.

This public engagement forum was held in conjunction with a 1.5 day research planning and knowledge exchange workshop for healthcare professionals, researchers, community members, and policy makers. Furthermore, it allowed us to hear directly from parents about their experiences breastfeeding a baby with tongue-tie and promoted information sharing between healthcare providers, researchers, and community members. The discussion that occurred improved our understanding of the local context of tongue tie in NL. It also facilitated the identification of appropriate supports for families who are experiencing breastfeeding difficulties due to tongue tie. For more information on the event, please refer to the following link:

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Quick Start Fund For Public Engagement, Memorial University
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1 Jul 2016
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31 Oct 2016
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Breastfeeding Research Working Group
Perinatal Program of Newfoundland and Labrador