Assessing the Level of Awareness of Cervical Cancer Among Female Students

Lay Summary 

According to the 2014 Africa Cervical Cancer Multi Indicator Incidence and Mortality Scorecard of the Africa Coalition on Maternal, Newborn and Child Health, out of a total of 53 countries, Ghana ranked 18 and 25 in incidence and mortality of cervical cancer respectively.

Lack of awareness among women about the disease and screening programs are some of the reasons for such a high incidence (Sherris and Herdman 2000).

One of the main avenues to curb this dire situation is through primary prevention which entails creating comprehensive awareness of this disease in the female population. Once they are enlightened about cervical cancer, they become empowered to take the necessary steps needed to protect themselves from cervical cancer.
Recently, some efforts have been made to make the public more aware about cervical cancer in Ghana. More work needs to be done though, since the incidence remains high, over 2000 deaths annually in Ghana (GHS, 2013).

Key to addressing the problem of cervical cancer will involve creating the much needed awareness of the condition among young girls and women. As to whether young girls in Ghana have sound knowledge on the topic of cervical cancer remains elusive, especially in Western Ghana, in the Suaman District where no work has been done to assess the level of cervical cancer awareness.

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6 Sep 2018
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6 Sep 2020