City of St. John's: Welcoming new MUN students

Lay Summary 

The post-secondary student community in St. John’s is an immense source of talent. Connecting with students over the course of their studies is a first step in encouraging them to choose St. John’s as a place to live and work after graduation.    

For the past six years, City of St. John’s (CSJ) has worked with Memorial University at various times throughout the year to welcome new students and faculty to St. John’s. The overarching goals being to:

  • Promote St. John’s as a warm and welcoming city in which to live, study and work.
  • “Meet your City” – build knowledge about the city, its services and governance (311, garbage and recycling, recreation, volunteer, cultural opportunities and meet member of Council and City staff).
  • Encourage students to follow and learn about the City on various social media platforms.
  • Position St. John’s as a university city aligning with the goals of our economic Roadmap 2021
  • Increase awareness in the general community of the importance and impact that post-secondary students have to our local economy and add richly to the culture and vibrancy of St. John’s.

CSJ participates in various activities targeted at students such as: orientation information fairs and sponsoring events where students can engage with members of city council and the community. The Student Volunteer Bureau Volunteer Fair follows orientation, where the city provides information to students about its volunteer @StJohns Program.

CSJ, with partners, hosts events to engage with students at various times throughout the year. Recently a fall Welcome Mixer was held to introduce first time international students with the city and the local business community. This mixer offers the opportunity to build employment connections for students who have only recently arrived in our city and sometimes, our country.

CSJ believes that engagement with students is critical:

  • It is a way of making students feel a part of the greater community and a first step in encouraging them to make St. John’s home.  
  • It is important that new citizens of our city have the information and knowledge that seasoned residents do about services, opportunities and processes.
  • It helps introduce students to opportunities for work, volunteering, and having an active role in municipal affairs.  

Finally, the city aims to encourage retention of new students once they finish their education and start their careers.

Working with Memorial University is one way CSJ is fulfilling its Economic Roadmap Goal of making St. John's a magnetic and desirable city for newcomers and young professionals.

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1 Sep 2016
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