Botanical Arts Society of Newfoundland

Lay Summary 

This is a collaboration between MUN Botanical Garden (MUNBG) and the newly formed Botanical Art Society of Newfoundland and Labrador (BASNL). With funding from MUN’s Public Engagement Office, under the Quick Start Fund, two half-day strategic planning sessions were organized and held at the Conference Room of MUNBG.

Key participants were invited to facilitated sessions on June 15 and June 22, 2017. Participants included the Manager of MUNBG and executive and directors of BASNL. Ms Sandy Brennan and Mr Piotr Krajewski led the planning workshops during which participants identified and prioritized educational needs re native plants for artists, processes, actions and resources in order to prepare and participate in four botanical art exhibitions for fall 2017 and Spring 2018.

Workshop leaders helped the group to streamline discussions; list duties of the Steering Committee and Working Groups; and identify potential obstacles (with solutions) that might impact their participation in the exhibitions. Participants left the meetings with a work plan and delineated actions that were feasible and achievable.

This blueprint has strengthened and enabled MUNBG ands BASNL to build a sustainable and responsive partnership re documenting Newfoundland and Labrador’s flora, in particular, native plants for exhibitions provincially, nationally, and internationally.

MUN Botanical Garden
Quick Start Fund For Public Engagement
St. John's
Newfoundland and Labrador
Arts, Culture & Heritage
Start date 
1 May 2017
End date 
31 Aug 2017
Partner Organization 
Botanical Art Society of Newfoundland and Labrador (BASNL)