Language barriers: Impact on foreign patients' satisfaction during emergencies in healthcare institutions

Lay Summary 

Language barriers may result in misdiagnoses, medical errors, lengthy delays. This research seeks to assess the degree to which this problem of language barriers plays a role in increasing the rate of mortality globally, identify the severity with which language barriers between the Aboriginal language and English speakers in the Canadian healthcare sector. Most often governments overlook the need to have medical interpreters and translators in the various healthcare bodies such as hospitals.

One hypothesis this research would be validating whether foreign patients are satisfied with their treatments in monolingual hospitals and whether they are willing to return to the hospital should any emergency arise. This topic will find solutions to tackle the problem statement.

St. John's
Newfoundland and Labrador
Patient Rights
Industry Sectors 
Ambulatory Health Care Services
Nursing and Residential Care Facilities
Start date 
3 Sep 2018
End date 
3 Jul 2020