What's in a Game?: An Ethnographic Study of the Game of Waltes

Lay Summary 

This research project focuses on the historical and contemporary cultural significance and importance of the Mi'kmaw game of waltes in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, and the re-introduction of the game to populations on the island of Newfoundland. Historically, the game held a central role in Mi’kmaw culture and society. This research is to places waltes in a historical context and considers its present-day significance, specifically in reference to re-introducing the game the broader Ktamkukewey (Newfoundland) Mi’kmaw community. This research is a continuation of on-going applied anthropological research involving the study of archival records, and written, audio, and audio-visual documents, profiling the game of waltes at a provincial level, and re-introducing the game to local and regional Mi’kmaw communities in Newfoundland, particularly those in the western region of island Newfoundland. Research findings will be published in a peer-reviewed article, presented at community/university events and will be disseminated through course materials.

Grenfell Campus
Quick Start Fund For Public Engagement
Corner Brook
Newfoundland and Labrador
Aboriginal History
Industry Sectors 
Arts, Entertainment and Recreation
Start date 
1 Jan 2015
End date 
2 Jan 2017