Researching, Restoring and Re-Telling the Story of Grenfell’s Gardens

Lay Summary 

Food security is a well-known challenge for northern and coastal regions, such as the Great Northern Peninsula. Dr. Grenfell (Sir Wilfred Grenfell) and the International Grenfell Association (IGA) played a significant historical role in the introduction of agriculture in St. Anthony. This included bringing pigs, other livestock, and reindeer to the Town for farming and consumption, the development of vegetable gardens, and the construction and maintenance of several greenhouses. This project, building on discussions around food security and tourism from Our Way Forward, has three objectives: 1) research the history of IGA farming enterprises in St. Anthony and create a research report on the enterprise, 2) with support of regional partners, develop a funding proposal to replicate the International Grenfell Association enterprise as a means to encourage local food security and as a tourism draw, and 3) expand the organizational structure of the farm to incorporate locally-generated nutrients from local sources and waste materials (including the composting of community waste and fish waste materials from local fish plants).

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Faculty of Education
Environmental Studies
Harris Centre Sustainable Northern Coastal Communities Applied Research Fund
St. Anthony
Newfoundland and Labrador
Food Security
Sustainable Agriculture
Industry Sectors 
Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing and Hunting
Start date 
1 Feb 2018
End date 
31 Jan 2019