Energy Recovery Integrated with Sewage Treatment for Sustainable Community Development

Lay Summary 

Blivet Marketing Services North America (BMSna) is a Newfoundland company that manufactures and services a packaged sewage treatment system. BMSna’s service team finds that fluids in their sewage treatment systems are quite warm, up to 20 °C even in winter. This provides an attractive heat source particularly for winter seasons. BMSna therefore partners with Dr. Duan and other collaborators trying to develop a technology to harness the thermal energy. This project includes a feasibility study and conceptual proposal of a thermal energy recovery unit, with an energy storage unit for usage of the recovered thermal energy, such as for hot water, space heating, or snow/ice removal during winter seasons. With integrated thermal energy recovery and storage units, BMSna’s sewage treatment plants could operate at higher efficiency and with improved reliability due to reduced operation temperature. The thermal energy recovery and storage capacity will also help extend the BMS system’s market to remote communities where electricity access is limited for hot water or spacing heating in winter seasons.

Faculty of Engineering & Applied Science
Accelerator Fund for Public Engagement
St. John's
Alternative Energy
Public engagement
Industry Sectors 
Administrative and Support, Waste Management and Remediation Services
Start date 
1 Feb 2017
End date 
31 Jan 2018
Lead Organization 
Blivet Marketing Services North America (BMSna)