Rooted in Art

Lay Summary 

This is the second major collaboration between MUN Botanical Garden (MUNBG) and the newly formed Botanical Art Society of Newfoundland and Labrador (BASNL). With funding from MUN’s Public Engagement Office, under the Accelerator Grant, MUNBG assisted BASNL by highlighting the specialized art form of botanical art and by helping the association with their goals of inspiration, education, and exhibition of our province's native plants. The objective of the project, Rooted in Art, was to offer the opportunity for MUNBG and BASNL to enter into a sustained, responsive, and coordinated public engagement initiative. As MUNBG and BASNL share a common interest in celebrating the diversity and beauty of our province's native plants, both partners saw each other as an indispensable resource that connected artists to plants by offering support, advice, and creative space.

The project had three distinct objectives: education, inspiration, and exhibition. The Garden took their commitment seriously and helped with the following:

1. Shared their knowledge and understanding of native plants throughout the project.
2. Provided meeting and exhibition space for BASNL in their planning, meetings and execution of a Provincial Exhibition.
3. Helped in organizing a 3-day workshop on drawing and painting our native plants delivered by two international botanical artists to come to St. John's in October, 2017.
4. Made available a designated "wall" for BASNL members to showcase their art in MUNBG's annual exhibition.
5. Hosted the first major botanical art exhibition in May, 2018 entitled "Rooted In Art”.

BASNL helped communicate to the community the mandate, services, and resources of MUNBG in their promotional and public relations activities and also assisted the Garden by exhibiting works of art and advertising the goals of the Garden in all their activities.

Now that MUNBG and BASNL have experienced their first partnership project, it is anticipated that a lasting collaboration will continue with further exhibitions, meetings, presentations and plant investigations at the Garden. Rooted in Art will continue in the future as members of BASNL will go back to native plants and continue to paint the plants that are a part of our community and environments.

MUN Botanical Garden

Accelerator Grant form MUN Public Engagement Office

St. John‘s
Newfoundland and Labrador

Arts, Culture & Heritage

Start date
1 October 2017

End date
1 October 2018

Partner Organization
Botanical Art Society of Newfoundland and Labrador (BASNL)

Start date 
1 Oct 2017
End date 
1 Oct 2018