Developing Holistic Professionals through Trans Artistry

Lay Summary 

This project was designed to address concerns regarding transphobia and stigmatizing treatment of trans people within the postsecondary setting and broader societal context. As a team we were also concerned with how stigmatizing and transphobic attitudes impact the client-professional relationship with this marginalized population, particularly in relation to service provision (e.g. education and health/social care professional interactions/settings). This project provided a creative and innovative pedagogical approach in which students were brought together in a common learning environment with faculty, staff, and the general public and immersed in an experience that combined artistic creation, personal stories, and interactive learning. The project consisted of a two hour session that included the following components: a brief trans 101 session conducted by members of trans Support NL in consultation with the trans Needs Committee (TNC), a 45 minute performance of tranVersing, a play originally conceived by Gemma HIckey from For the Love of Learning and produced by Artistic Fraud Newfoundland, and a 45 minute dialogue exercise with the support from trans NL Support members and the cast, all of whom are trans youth. All audience members were invited to participate in the dialogue session. This provided a safe space for reflection, discussion, questions and feedback. Finally, students, faculty and staff were challenged to take action to work towards social justice and equity within their given academic units, the university, and the broader community. All participants were provided with a certificate of attendance upon request. Two sessions were held on campus and one session was held at the Centre for Nursing Studies with students in the Practical Nursing Program. The session details are as follows:
October 3, 2018 - Bruneau Centre (open to students, faculty, staff and public)
• October 4, 2018 - HSC Auditorium (open to students, faculty, staff and public)
• October 5, 2018 - Centre for Nursing Studies (open to PN students and faculty)

The team consisted of faculty from Memorial University's Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Education, Department of Gender Studies and the Centre for Collaborative Health Professional Education (CCHPE). These faculty partnered with other team members from the Centre for Nursing Studies, Artistic Fraud of Newfoundland, For the Love of Learning, the trans Needs Committee, and trans Support NL t develop, implement and evaluate these learning sessions.

Community Health and Humanities
Centre for Collaborative Health Professional Education
Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
Faculty of Education
Office of Public Engagement Accelerator Grant- $10,000
Start date 
15 May 2018
End date 
26 Nov 2018
Lead Organization 
Faculty of Medicine, Memorial University
Partner Organization 
Centre for Nursing Studies
Artistic Fraud of Newfoundland
Trans Needs Committee
Trans NL Support