Connecting Young Learners to the Newfoundland Ocean Environment Through Maker Space Creativity

Lay Summary 

This project united students and faculty/staff from the Education Faculty, Engineering & Applied Sciences , Learning Commons, the MUN Childcare Centre and the external partner the GEO Centre in a multi-platform and multi-disciplinary project. This project focused on Endangered Deepwater Newfoundland Coral reefs and sponges at the GEO Centre, the Childcare Centre’s experiential learning space, and the digital and tangible learning tools from the Maker Space Lab in the learning commons.

Early learners interacted with this exhibit with the guidance of the GEO Centre staff and MUN Early Childhood Educators. Children will be guided by education and engineering students in the use of digital and other maker space tools, so as to create their own narratives with maker space tools which explore the life cycle and environment of these sea creatures.

This project accomplished these goals: 1) Utilized Memorial’s Maker Space Lab in the Commons as an innovative outreach space 2) Created a learning opportunity for both Education and Engineering students, one in which they can learn and utilize the practical training and ideas underlying their professional schools’ objectives. 3) Offered Early Learners and ECEs at the childcare centre a new way to experientially engage in digital and creative ways to educate children. Provided other community partner early childcare centres mentoring and new innovative opportunities. 4) Offered the GEO Centre an outreach platform which engages young children and three different units within Memorial. As well as mentoring and a learning opportunity from our Education students on interaction and science creativity with young children for their own curriculum development. 5) Created a new co-learning partnership between Memorial and the GEO Centre, which can provide a roadmap for future innovative learning with the beginning stages of developing early learning oceans inquiry curriculum, and digital literacies with our students.

Start date 
30 Jan 2018
End date 
15 Aug 2018