Unlearning Racism: A Conversation about Ethnicity and Multiculturalism

Lay Summary 

As a capstone project for Anthropology 3063, The Politics of Ethnicity and Multiculturalism, on 27 Mar and 17 Apr, two open "conversations" were held with nearly 80 people in attendance, representing several community organizations and with many private individuals attending. Students in the class conducted four separate interviews with VOCM, CBC Radio, and NTV, which garnered quite a bit of interest and engagement with general public. Students and community members representing over 25 ethnicities were present in the conversations, which sought to begin a conversation about how racism is created, fostered, and how it can be unlearned.

The Student Experience Office, Student Life, will continue such conversations to encourage respectful dialogue about this important subject within the university and wider communities.

Student Life
Office of Public Engagement, Quick Start Grant
Start date 
27 Mar 2019
End date 
17 Apr 2019
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Student Life
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Student Life
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Student Life