Lay Summary 

Education is a basic human right and entirely a psychological process. For centuries, education had been regarded as a source of acquiring knowledge to perform desired behavior. Today, formal education is not only limited to the routine and traditional curriculum based activities; it focuses on enhancing the skills of students to enable them enter into next stage of life with dignity and pride, and move within the society easily.

Nowadays the focus has been shifted from grades or marks to proficiency skills development. Organizations like Program for International Student Assessment (PISA), Trends in Mathematics and Science Study (TIMSS), Progress in International Reading Literacy Study (PIRLS) are contributing a lot in setting standards to develop children skills at various age-group levels. These children possess high IQ, and equip with the most advanced skills to play their role as a future technologists, scientists, business leaders and engineers etc. This project will pave the ways to shift from grades and marks to develop skills against curriculum expectations.

SST –Scholastic Skills Testing - is a skill-based assessment test, to measure age-appropriate conceptual skills of students between 12-14 years age. The tests shall be developed for English, Mathematics, and Science, that include single-answer multiple-choice items. The number of items and test duration will vary depending on the skills to be tested. The study will be carried out across Newfoundland and Labrador from a sample size of around 2000 students, both genders. The test is based on in-depth research, provides diagnostic information and draw comparison, showing individual strengths and learning gaps at gender, school, province, regional level.

I am confident my findings will set guidelines for policy-makers, private and public sector organizations, publishers and professionals to streamline and improve teaching and learning, provide support services and guidance, compatible to international practices of quality assurance in education. This study will set trends in the province to put together skill-based curriculum to prepare students develop 21st century skills comprising of critical and creative thinking, collaborative and team-work, leadership and decision making.

Start date 
1 Aug 2020
End date 
31 Jul 2021