Hidden Gems of the Baccalieu Trail Lead Researcher: Natalie Dignam

Lay Summary 

Project Title: Hidden Gems of the Baccalieu Trail

Lead Researcher: Natalie Dignam

Collaborators: Hans Rollmann, CHMR-FM and Jillian Gould, Folklore Department, Memorial University

Funding: The Harris Centre, Memorial University




“Hidden Gems of the Baccalieu Trail” is a project focused on the strategic research themes of creative arts, culture and heritage of the Baccalieu Trail Region of Newfoundland and Labrador. This project is about Newfoundland and Labrador’s Economic Zone 17: North West Avalon. The research collected will address the Tourism and Culture Sector, including the following codes of the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS): Retail (codes 44-45); Arts, Entertainment and Recreation (code 71); Accomodation and Food Services (code 72).

“Hidden Gems of the Baccalieu Trail” will utilize audio interviews and photographs to share stories about the Baccalieu Trail Region. The project has two parts; the first part is the production of a series of 30-minute episodes on the Living Heritage Podcast radio show that will air out of CHMR 93.5 FM, a community radio station located at Memorial University in St. John’s, NL. Part two is the creation of a “story map,” a map that includes stories about a place. The “Baccalieu Trail: Hidden Gems” story map will be an interactive Google Map linked to short Youtube videos incorporating audio stories and photographs, which will be available online on a Blogger website (www.baccalieutrail.ca). The goal is to have an audio “road trip” along the Baccalieu Trail highlighting ten to twelve locations in the region. The project will conclude with a digital storytelling workshop for interested community members in the region. Audio interviews and photographs will also be archived with the Digital Archive Initiative (DAI) at Memorial University.

Start date 
1 May 2020