comparison of efficacy and pharmacoeconomics for metformin1000mg + sitagliptin50mg and metformin1000mg+ glimiperide 2mg in a diabetes type-II patient

Lay Summary 

My grandmother is a DM-II patient with ongoing insulin therapy. the medicines used to costs a lot. being a pharmacy student, i wanted to ease the amount of money spent on the medications. a medicine with composition metformin1000mg+sitagliptin50mg used to cost around 9.4 CAD for 10 tablets and had to be taken twice daily.So i started searching for research papers in accordance to what all can be the options of substitution to sitagliptin, so after 10-15 days of researches i came accross various clinical trials conducted in the USA, JAPAN and then INDIA finally, whose end result was glimiperide was clinically safe and effective in accordance to sitagliptin.nd now, after this i just had to know the cost of this medicine in the market and also whether it would work or not. So i went for it, i got the strip of 10 tabs of "metformin 1000mg+glimiperide 2mg" for 0.35 CAD. Using glucometer i checked the blood glucose level for 10 days, which included FPP and PPG, and i did it for both the medicines for 10-10 days each.For sitagliptin the average blood sugar was 250 and glimiperide 190.I had all the safety measures for i.e. for cases of hyperglycemia i had fast acting insulin gluisine and for incidence of hypoglycemia i had glucond and dextrose solution. and i substituted it with the advice of some doctors.

Start date 
20 Dec 2019
End date 
10 Apr 2020