Active Site: Interventions and Adaptations in Western Newfoundland's Built Environment

Lay Summary 

Cameron Forbes, in the Fine Arts department recently received a SSHRC grant to further her studies of the built environment. The term Built Environment refers to spaces and infrastructures developed by humans, and it can range in scale from highway networks to fishing stages, and even a sandcastle built at the beach. In Professor Forbes' art practice, she considers human interventions with the natural landscape and already developed environments as a creative act. In her current project Active Site: Interventions in the Built Environment, Forbes' key question is to understand what the built environment means in Western Newfoundland. During the first year of the research, Prof. Forbes plans to facilitate art workshops in collaboration with community partners to develop an archive of creative interventions in the environment. The emerging built environment sites will be documented through stories and images, which will be digitally archived. The second year of the project will involve a collaboratively built site intervention and developed in partnership with the City of Corner Brook.


Adapted from:

School of Fine Arts
Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada: Insight Development Grants
Corner Brook
Newfoundland and Labrador
Visual Arts
Start date 
1 Nov 2019
End date 
1 Nov 2021
Partner Organization 
City of Corner Brook