Lay Summary 

aKuatron's mission is to save marine mammals from man-made noises underwater. aKuatron will be a machine learning-based software that identifies marine mammals based on their vocalization. The company aims to automate marine mammals' detection processes providing more efficient and eco-friendly results.


This software will enable customers to save time that takes place when a passive acoustic monitoring (PAM) operator makes a wrong decision to stop a vessel. The second benefit is that clients will have confidence in PAM operators as they can take the right mitigation measures with confidence using our software because they won't need to rely on their memory. Computers will do the hard work for them, and they will be presented with the information in a human-friendly manner.


Mitigation decisions are heavily based on the operator's judgment and brain memory because they have to recall what frequency corresponds to what species to make a correct decision. For example, it is necessary to stop the seismic operations if there is a north Atlantic right whale around the vessel because that specific species is getting extinct. If an operator hears a sound with a duration of 0.5-2.8 sec within the frequency of 400-3200HZ, they will use their memory to recall what species have that frequency and duration. There are chances of wrong decisions because it is hard to memorize all the frequencies and durations of many underwater species.
Therefore, a better system is required to be more confident and accurate. aKuatron's artificial intelligence (AI) program will analyze acoustic data and detect marine mammals' signals from other noises. The system will be based on the visuals, and an Al/ML program will perform the calculations to let the operator know about the species. With this system, operators will not need to listen to the sounds because a pop screen will tell them the exact species. It will reduce human error, downtime seismic operations, and increase marine life sustainability.


Ali Amjad is focussing on the research and development of the product. He is developing the product using machine learning techniques and finding ways to integrate it with hardware devices. Ammer Shahid is focusing on the marketing and business-related activities of the company. His work is focused on finding potential customers in the industry, reviewing their services, and
identifying issues they might be facing. He is also working with other members of the team to devise a plan to reach out to potential customers and present them with possible solutions to their technical problems.

Mel Woodward Cup Submission
Newfoundland and Labrador
Marine Mammals
Vessels and Equipment
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28 Apr 2021