Bx Medical Solutions

Lay Summary 

Bx Medical Solutions is developing a comprehensive health management platform for bariatric surgery patients, the most effective medical procedure for sustained weight loss. The platform will allow patients to track their progress after surgery, and connect with their health care team. Having access to real-time, up-to-date information utilizing a combination of mobile, cloud and data analytics on key metrics after surgery can significantly improve the quality of care for these patients. The Bx Medical Solutions platform takes advantage of the latest technologies to bring innovation and improvements to the care of bariatric patients.


Bx Medical Solutions is innovative in our approach to patient management throughout the obesity management process because we are creating a platform that allows for integration between both the patient and clinical care team. The platform allows for patients to connect their favourite devices, which allows the clinical care team to access better insights for patients throughout the treatment journey. The platform becomes truly innovative once deployed using our cloud-based infrastructure. We are creating advanced algorithms to analyze patient data inputs using artificial intelligence to better understand patient data and assist the clinical care team during management. Within the features of the application, we are digitizing tools for users to have better insights to their own treatment metrics, such as mental health scores, and progress reminders. Lastly, but most importantly, there exist very few products for patients and healthcare teams to collaboratively manage treatment progress.


We believe that the product that Bx Medical Solutions is building will help both the patient and clinical care team. This is broken down as follows:


The Patient - The platform will allow patients to use a product that is developed specifically with their needs at the forefront. The software is designed using a patient-centred approach, meaning that we use the latest research to influence our product features. This largely consists of features rarely seen before in med-tech applications for patients. 


The Clinical Team - Leveraging innovative new technologies and allowing for the real-time synchronization of patient data inputs will allow interdisciplinary care teams to be involved in the continued progress reporting of their patients after surgery. With automated alert systems, clinical care teams will be able to determine whether there are any problems that may be occurring for the patient in real-time, and will allow for immediate action through the chat feature. Alternatively, the platform will allow the clinical care team to provide support through the patient progress journey, which has shown to have significant benefits for the patient in long-term treatment outcomes.

St. John's Campus
Mel Woodward Cup Submission
Newfoundland and Labrador
Start date 
1 Mar 2021