Lay Summary 

Cardie is a no-code solution that helps you create bite-sized web apps. Unlike other no-code tools, Cardie does not have a complex UI or pay-wall business model. Forget spending hours creating a website from a template, instead spend minutes in an interface that is similar to scrapbooking. Cardie's freeform user interface is like no other. It feels more like making a post to social media than filling in a template.


From an outsider looking in, the web is intimidating, because writing code is hard, even though Squarespace, Wix, and WebFlow have created every template you could think of. Editing their templates could take hours to remove all the placeholders, and cost a pretty penny. In comparison, Cardie makes the web easy. We don't give you lines to color in; instead, we give users the ability to drop images, text, and links as if you were decorating a poster. This shaves off a lot of time and has the added effect of leaving users satisfied and in love with our app.


Other website builders require you to fill out a template, Cardie is much more like making a social media post. For users who just want to RSVP on a birthday party, sell some tee-shirts, fill up a band's gig, or raise some money for a charity our competitors are clunky at best and overkill at worst.


We plan to finish the second prototype development by March-end 2021 followed by internal testing for one week. After that, we will launch the app as a beta on the Play Store and App Store in a test flight. The app will remain in beta for 8-12 months and we'll be using feedback from the users about the app to and based on the app we plan to make changes and release the app from thereon. 

St. John's Campus
Mel Woodward Cup Submission
Newfoundland and Labrador
Web Based Services
Start date 
1 Mar 2021