Cusack Innovations

Lay Summary 

Cusack Innovations' first product Folkins eliminates distracted driving by detecting distracted drivers and charging them for their bad habits while rewarding them for good driving habits by lowering or increasing their insurance premiums. 


This approach is unlike any technology that currently exists on the market. The telematics industry has devices that detect bad drivers by monitoring their acceleration and breaking but there are no devices that check for distractions without physical movement. There are no known competitors or alternative solutions to detect distracted drivers using active-eye tracking and alter their insurance premiums as a result. The plan going forward is to partner with insurance agencies to create a financing and reward strategy similar to the existing ones used in telematics. 


More information about Cusack Innovations can be found here.



St. John's Campus
Mel Woodward Cup Submission
Newfoundland and Labrador
Motor Vehicle Transportation
Start date 
1 Jan 2020