Lay Summary 

BIIOTLABS (SCHOLAR) is focused on developing solutions for real-world problems with innovative solutions. Currently, the focus is on postgraduate education and we are working towards connecting people through our services. Integrity is the key part of our structure followed by design and marketing. We are planning to go globally after the successful establishment in Canada.


Education has a great impact on our world. Education along with imagination plays an important role in innovation. Undergraduate education helps us to gain a lot of information but our time dedicated to doing research is limited. Post-graduate education is where we seek opportunities to solve real-world problems that we are interested in. Connecting with the right opportunity efficiently is important for the provider and receiver to create a positive outcome while seeking solutions. Traditionally postgraduate education has three main problems. The first hurdle for a postgraduate opportunity is finding scholarships or funding followed by finding an opportunity and deciding the right opportunity. Many websites have provided opportunities to gain scholarships but that isn’t enough. The scholarships awarded most of the time need a thesis-based opportunity. Professors receive thousands of emails for an opportunity from local and international students and going through each CV is not a great idea as their day is limited to several other activities and students, on the other hand, seek as many opportunities as much as possible with absolutely no certainty. The first problem to solve is to accelerate the student selection and also notify students on the other end regarding their application instantly led me to the development of my project.


The approach differs by unifying the CVs and completing an application with all necessary requirements while receiving quick sorting and updates on both ends making the two-way communication simple and reliable. As more professors join there will be verified profiles that can be used as references on CVs. This could create a much easier approach in the post-graduate education industry at a much faster pace. The students who have accepted an opportunity will leave the rest of the opportunities for other students who are waiting rather than holding opportunities unnecessarily. New potential undergraduate students and students who are willing to pursue an academic career will be interested in this approach because of its ability to guide towards the right opportunity faster. In addition to that, professors also can decide on eligible and interested students at a much higher pace without missing any students who successfully applied.

St. John's Campus
Mel Woodward Cup Submission
Newfoundland and Labrador
Web Based Services
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28 Feb 2021