Cold Water Exposure in Fishing and Aquaculture Industries: How to Keep Safe.

Lay Summary 

For hundreds of years, the fishing industry has been a core part of Newfoundland's economy and culture. During this time, those in the fishing and aquaculture industries have faced harsh environments and elements while on the job, including regular exposure to cold water. New evidence is emerging that chronic cold-water exposure can cause injuries that lead to permanent nerve damage. The primary objective of our project is to explore the relationships that the people within these industries have with cold water while promoting cold-water safety. We will discuss the importance of cold-water safety and the risks of exposure, and we will deliver this content through brochures. We will also highlight research projects at the Marine Institute (MI) that are relevant to those working in these industries. Through semi-structured interviews, we will learn from participants about their experiences with cold water and their safety concerns. Another objective is to learn from the attendees to ensure that our work will directly benefit those in these industries. We aim to create recruitment opportunities and lasting partnerships for this work. With the valuable feedback gained during this engagement project, we will use this information to develop future research projects that are relevant and beneficial for the people in the fishing and aquaculture industries. The health and safety of those working in the fish and aquaculture industries are the basis for our research projects, and this community outreach project will help lay the foundation for these future projects. It is important that this project reaches individuals in these industries throughout the province, as those working in different areas will have different experiences. Therefore, we will be travelling to communities throughout the province for this project.

Marine Institute Campus
- Quick Start Fund For Public Engagement
Newfoundland and Labrador
Cold Ocean and Arctic, Science, Technology and Society
Industry Sectors 
Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing and Hunting
Start date 
5 Jul 2021
End date 
31 Dec 2021
Lead Organization 
Fish, Food & Allied Workers Union