Mobilizing the Chinese Immigrant Community and Battling the Potential COVID-19 Outbreak in the Greater Toronto Area: Gathering Essential Information, Creating a Mutual Support Quarantine Network and Assessing Psychological Impacts

Lay Summary 

The COVID-19 pandemic that originated in China has spread globally including to Canada. One of the largest Chinese communities in the world is found in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and is bearing the brunt of fear, anxiety, and panic associated with this disease. The Toronto Chinese community may be the most vulnerable and yet least prepared population for the COVID-19 outbreak, creating an urgent need to mobilize it in fighting the outbreak. Dr. Peizhong Wang of Memorial University of Newfoundland is spearheading a research team to assess knowledge, develop effective epidemic control practices, and identify the psychological impacts of the disease through coordinated efforts across communities, professionals, and local residents.


Comprised of researchers from the related fields of public health (epidemiology), psychology, sociology and health policy, the team will assess GTA Chinese community knowledge, attitudes/beliefs, and protection practices toward COVID-19. This will help in developing, evaluating, and optimizing a mutual-support quarantine network to help contain COVID-19. They will also assess the psychological impacts and associated predictors of the COVID-19 outbreak on the community.


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St. John's Campus
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1 Jan 2019