Open information environments: challenges, opportunities and principles

Lay Summary 

This research tackles a radically changing information landscape, in which the explosion of interest in the cloud, big data, crowdsourcing and open data highlight transformations in the ways we obtain and use information. Traditional information management doesn’t allow individuals and organizations to fully benefit from these developments. Open information environments (OIEs) support the realities of today’s information landscape in which organizations are dealing with unknown and emerging users and data from diverse sources.


Individuals and organizations increasingly face the difficult task of making sense of an exploding volume of user-generated content from social media and other sources. This research will contribute to understanding how the quality of such information can be improved at the point of collection and how it can be used for purposes not anticipated when the data were collected.


This research benefits anyone using information, whether they are individuals or organizations, creators or consumers, experts or non-experts. One of the practical outcomes of the research is to create guidelines for effectively interacting with open information environments.


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Faculty of Business Administration
Social Sciences And Humanities Research Council
Newfoundland and Labrador
Information Technology
Information Systems
Start date 
1 Jan 2015
End date 
31 Dec 2020