Feasibility of Recycling Nylon Fishing Nets

Lay Summary 

As a coastal province with a fishing industry, plastic waste from fishing nets poses a potential disposal problem. This desktop study seeks to better understand, and potentially propose ways to reduce, fishing net waste that end up in landfills in Newfoundland and Labrador (NL) by investigating how these materials (e.g. nylon) might be recycled and manufactured into viable products for the NL market. Publicly available information will be reviewed and synthesized. Volumes of nylon fishing nets in the NL waste stream will be estimated, collection mechanisms will be explored and potential processing options will be investigated to identify any financially viable methods of recycling these plastics. In collaboration with Memorial Centre for Entrepreneurship, we will explore what products (if any) can be made from this feedstock, or alternatively investigate the feasibility of selling this feedstock to out-of-province manufacturers.

St. John's Campus
Harris Centre - MMSB Waste Management Applied Research Fund
Start date 
5 Apr 2021
End date 
31 Dec 2021