Designing Burton's Pond's Blue Bag Recycling Pilot Program

Lay Summary 

The objective of this project is to design a blue bag recycling pilot program for Burton's Pond (BP) Apartments, with the ultimate goal of creating a permanent recycling solution for these apartments and similar areas at Memorial.

BP Apartments consists of five buildings with a capacity of 128 residents each. There are apartments for families and individuals. Residents generate mixed recyclable materials similar to households in St. John's. Currently, there is no recycling program at the apartments. Students can bring paper and refundable beverage containers to other locations on campus for recycling, however waste audits of the apartments have shown that most recycling is disposed of as garbage. Residents consistently inquire about taking part in a recycling program similar to the City of St. John’s curbside program.

There have been discussions and short-term attempts to improve recycling at the BP Apartments, however several challenges have inhibited a permanent solution:
- the City's curbside recycling program is for city streets only; materials aren't picked up by the
City on campus
- current recycling programs and contracts at Memorial only collect refundable beverage containers, paper and cardboard, and do not include other containers and paper products typically generated in a residential setting
- there is lack of storage space in BP Apartments for collection of recycling
- there has been a lack of resources dedicated to the development of new recycling programs at Memorial.

Several units of the university, residents of Burton's Pond apartments and the City of St. John's will collaborate on finding solutions to these challenges and developing a recycling process to pilot. This could lead to a similar program at the residence at Signal Hill campus and other areas on campus. This also an opportunity for the City to investigate options for recycling pick-up outside of municipal streets and apply lessons learned to recycling programs at other apartment buildings.

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Administrative and Support, Waste Management and Remediation Services
Start date 
31 May 2021
Lead Organization 
Sustainability and Climate Action Office
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City Of St. John's
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Multi-Material Stewardship Board (MMSB)